When it comes to simple legal matters, like parking tickets and small claims court, it frequently makes sense to handle them yourself. However, a criminal arrest of any nature requires the expertise of an experienced lawyer. Only a qualified criminal defense attorney knows how to protect your rights, securing the best possible outcome for your case.


A criminal defense attorney can help you understand the charges being filed, explain the defenses you have available, tell you which plea bargains will likely be offered, and let you know what to expect after the trial or conviction. Here are the 10 best reasons you should seek out a criminal defense lawyer in San Diego:


They Can Protect You From The Prosecuting Attorney

While our system of justice is designed to assume that an accused person is “innocent until proven guilty,” the reality is that the defendant is facing experienced, government-funded prosecutors. A criminal defense attorney in your city will be familiar with local prosecutors and judges. He will be aware of the prosecution’s strengths and weaknesses, protect you against any improper attempts to gain a conviction, and work to reach a settlement that is fair to you.


They Have Access To Expert Witnesses And Other Professionals

You may find that you need the assistance of numerous professionals in your city. An experienced attorney will have access to a sizable network of professionals, including private investigators, expert witnesses, and medical practitioners, among others. If you attempt your own defense, you may have difficulty locating these professionals on your own.


They Know The Law Better Than You Do

It could take years of study to try and understand all of the laws relevant to your case, as well as familiarizing yourself with any legal changes that have taken place. A criminal defense attorney, however, has already spent years studying the law, and is intimately familiar with the legal landscape. He can point out important laws that you would most likely never find on your own. His educational background leaves him much better prepared to fight this battle than you are.


They Have Much Better Knowledge Of Legal Procedures, As Well

Criminal defense attorneys are skilled at negotiating with prosecutors to determine the counts to charge. In any legal case, there are mountains of court documents, deadlines, and precise legal procedures that can be time-consuming and difficult to deal with. For attorneys, all of this is second nature, saving you the time and trouble of having to keep up with these things yourself.


They Can Help You Reach An Attractive Plea Deal Or Fair Settlement

Sometimes a settlement or plea bargain is the best possible resolution for your criminal case. If so, an experienced attorney can guide you through the process, explain everything you need to know, and negotiate the best deal with the prosecution. Prosecutors are frequently unwilling to negotiate with defendants representing themselves, which is all the more reason to seek professional representation.


They Can Evaluate Evidence Better Than You Do

While most people in the criminal justice system are honest, there is a risk that an unscrupulous individual could attempt to tamper with or destroy evidence. A competent criminal defense attorney can protect you from false details in police reports, unethical procedures, and exaggerated witness testimonies. A professional knows how to find necessary records, point out contradictory statements, and ferret out the truth.


They Can Work To Lower Your Penalties

Even if the crime you’ve been charged with seems minor to you, the penalties and sentences can be significant. Ranging from jail time, to house arrest, to heavy fines, the consequences can be severe. Furthermore, you’re risking being left with a criminal record. An aggressive criminal defense attorney may be able to help you obtain a diversion – or a lowered or alternative sentence – helping you to keep your freedom, and protect your family, job, and assets.


They Can Help You Keep A Pristine Criminal History

For anyone wishing to live a normal life, a clean criminal history is a must. There are two avenues of defense that an attorney can pursue, here. The first, obviously, is to help you win your case or get it dismissed, leaving your record clean with no conviction. However, even if you lose, your attorney can appeal for the conviction to be set aside from your record. This can be essential when you’re job hunting, and also allows you to avoid the social embarrassment that a ‘criminal past’ causes.


You Could Save Money On Legal Fees, But Lose Everything Else

When you lack proper legal representation, a number of things can go wrong. You could fail to meet a filing deadline for submitting crucial documentation, or wind up owing a fortune if you lose the case. Attorneys bring emotional detachment to court battles, and can help you protect your job, assets, and finances, not to mention helping you stay out of jail.


Attorneys Frequently Offer An Initial Free Consultation

Any ethical, professional criminal defense attorney will offer an initial phone consultation or meeting for free. This gives you the opportunity to consider your available options, and to understand their retainer and any extra fees involved in handling the case. You can also learn about legal charges and any other costs that you may face. The sooner you seek out a lawyer, the faster you can determine whether or not you want to hire them, so get your free consultation as soon as you can.


If you’re facing any criminal charge, no matter how minor, you’ll benefit from consulting a competent criminal defense attorney. The legal system is designed in such a way that representing yourself competently in a criminal trial is nearly impossible.

The laws surrounding your defense when accused of a crime are complicated, and the facts of every case are unique.
If you are facing criminal charges, an experienced, aggressive San Diego criminal defense attorney is a must, so contact one right away.