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"It is with complete confidence and immeasurable appreciation that I recommend Gregory Garrison for his skills as a Criminal Defense Attorney." -R.G.

Never in my whole life did I expect to be in such a dire situation.  Due to a series of horrible and uncontrollable events , my partner and I found ourselves fighting for our lives and livelihood.

From our very first phone call, he was immediately responsive and most importantly, reassuring and informative. He clarified every step of the terrifying process, and provided ongoing information as to what we were facing, what it meant, and the impact of each ‘battle.’

Here is the most important thing I can recommend when considering to engage Attorney Garrison, and why I wholeheartedly recommend you do: The legal process is incredibly intimidating – the criminal legal process is a horrific nightmare.

Gregory presents as not only incredibly ethical, he is also very commanding and clearly in control of the situation. Being a defendant in this process is a complete roller coaster. Gregory takes you through every step of the process while maintaining control and providing information every step of the way. With Gregory you are in incredibly capable hands.

And here is the most important point: MOST of the important work that he does, you will never see yourself. It wasn’t until sentencing (which went from an initial exposure of over 13 years in prison, to a charge which can be expunged in three years probation only), that we realized all of the powerful arguments he had made on our behalf in chambers.

His negotiations and work for justice were tireless, and when we got to the end – when the judge empathized with us and ruled as generously as he could, we realized that he had indeed communicated effectively all of the nuances and grey area that needed to be clarified.

The process can be very painful and difficult to navigate: with Gregory Garrison on board to navigate this for you, you are in the most capable, ethical, and influential hands I can imagine. Don’t hesitate to engage him to support you.”

– R. G.

"I would highly recommend Greg." N.Z.

“We needed a lawyer immediately.  We had no clue as to who to turn to. We were scared. We had met Greg socially before through a mutual friend.  We made the connection and hired Greg.

He gave us a sense of comfort.  He painted a real picture of the consequences to our actions.  He succeeded in getting a result we were happy with.  He was professional. He was respectful. He was ‘real’.

I would highly recommend Greg for anyone needing a criminal defense attorney and would turn to him again if God forbid we needed help again.”

– N. Z.

"My wife and I knew a former prosecutor was our son's best chance."

“When my son was arrested and charged with murder, my world was turned upside down.  I knew my son was not perfect but I knew he was not capable of murder either.  My son was facing 15 years to life in prison

Mr. Garrison took my son’s case knowing it would be an uphill battle, but he believed in my son’s innocence.  My wife and I knew a former prosecutor was our son’s best chance. 

Mr. Garrison managed to calm us throughout the process by always explaining the process and always communicating with us on the status of our son’s case. 

Mr. Garrison used his skills and expertise to convince the prosecutor and the judge that my son was not involved with the murder and the murder charges were eventually dismissed! I can’t thank Mr. Garrison enough for everything he did for my son and our family.”

– D. W.

"I cannot recommend Gregory Garrison highly enough ."

“I could not have chosen a better or more empathetic lawyer than Gregory Garrison.

From start to finish he imbued a sense of comfort and trust in me, that got me through an extremely difficult period in my life.  His deep understanding of the criminal justice system enabled me to get an extremely good outcome to my trial. 

I knew that hiring a former prosecutor and a former law enforcement officer would bring about the best possible outcome for my case.  I can not recommend Gregory highly enough – he definitely makes the difference!”

– M. K.

"I cannot express how relieved I am after the full dismissal of my case."

“I can not express how relieved I am after the full dismissal of my case.  When I was arrested for felony domestic violence, I thought my military career was over. 

Fortunately, I retained Mr. Garrison early on and, to my and my family’s amazement, Mr. Garrison was able to convince the District Attorney’s Office to not even file the case.  No criminal charges were filed. 

After months of worrying about the impact of a domestic violence arrest, I can now move forward with my life. Thank you again for your expertise and diligence and for getting me the best possible result.”

-S. P.

"He was successful in getting a dismissal of all the charges."

“When I was arrested for narcotics trafficking and faced over 13 years in prison, I had absolutely no idea who to turn to.  I knew I was innocent and fortunately Mr. Garrison did as well. 

He tirelessly negotiated with the District Attorney’s Office to convince them that I was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and had nothing to do with narcotics trafficking. 

When the District Attorney dismissed all felony charges, I couldn’t believe my ears.  It was clear that hiring a former prosecutor was the best decision I ever made. 

Mr. Garrison believed in my innocence and was fully prepared to go to trial.  However, through his negotiating skills and finesse, he was successful in getting a dismissal of all the charges.  Thank you again Mr. Garrison.”

– P. C.

"Gregory Garrison made the miracle happen."

“When my son called me to say he was in jail for a Felony DUI, our life as we knew it was over. We had no idea how to find or hire a criminal defense lawyer.  Gregory Garrison became our lifesaver. 

He took the time to thoroughly explain every step of the process, the benefits and risks of every decision, and the likely outcomes.  Gregory worked tirelessly to get us the best possible outcome. 

He developed a defense that was realistic and practical. He very thoughtfully and aggressively defended my son against strong evidence and negative police reports. We knew we had a tough battle to keep him out of prison.

Gregory Garrison made the miracle happen. My son now has a chance to turn his life around.  Thank you for giving my son his life back.

– J. H.

"Thank you Gregory for giving our grandson his future back."

“When my grandson was arrested for robbery, I just knew any chance he had to go to college was over.  When we met with attorney Gregory Garrison, we immediately knew we had the right criminal defense attorney for our grandson. 

Mr.  Garrison took the time to completely explain every aspect of our grandson’s case and the legal system.  Despite facing 7 years in prison, Gregory was able to get the charges reduced to a misdemeanor with no jail time and probation. 

Thank you Gregory for giving our grandson his future back.   And thank you for being so helpful and always being available to answer all of our questions and discuss my concerns.

I will be forever grateful to you for all your help in such an embarrassing and scary situation.”

– L. P.

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