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Protect Your Child’s Freedom & Future

Juvenile crime accusations can embroil a family in anguish and turmoil – endangering your child’s reputation and future career options. Mistakes made at a young age have the potential to cause a lifetime of difficulty. Criminal charges can involve serious penalties, and with so much at stake, you need competent legal representation to guide both you and your child through the San Diego juvenile justice system.

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Juvenile Cases We Specialize In

It’s vital that you secure legal representation for your detained child before he talks with criminal investigators. The San Diego juvenile crime attorneys at the Law Office of Gregory Garrison have decades of combined experience defending the rights and protecting the futures of young people accused of crimes. We handle the full range of juvenile cases, including serious allegations such as sex crimes and violent offenses.

  • Sex Crimes. Among the most serious allegations a person can face, sex crime charges can tarnish your child’s reputation and threaten his future. Our firm handles cases involving sexual assault, child abuse, date rape, Internet-related sex crimes, statutory rape, sexting, and child pornography, among others.


  • Violent Crimes. Being accused of committing a violent crime is a very serious matter, as they are punishable by severe criminal penalties. If he is charged with a violent crime, your child faces the potential of a lengthy term of confinement in the Division of Juvenile Justice (previously known as CYA – a state prison for minors). Minors facing violent crime allegations may be charged as adults under certain circumstances. Violent crimes include assault, battery, murder, robbery, and manslaughter, among others.


Our legal team is further experienced in handling a wide variety of other common juvenile cases, including:

  • Driving Under The Influence (DUI)
  • Theft (Including Shoplifting)
  • Joyriding A Vehicle
  • Disturbing The Peace
  • Fraudulent Identification
  • Public Intoxication
  • Internet-related Crimes
  • Vandalism & Graffiti Charges
  • Minor In Possession Of Alcohol
  • Drug CrimesSan Diego criminal defense lawyer gregory garrison

Why You Need An Experienced Attorney

Minors charged with crimes have a lot to lose – especially when they are charged as adults. If your child has been accused of a crime, you need a San Diego juvenile crime lawyer to help you understand how the juvenile justice system works. We realize that these cases frequently require a much more personal level of attention and dedication, and we can explain all of the complexities involved. Our San Diego criminal defense attorneys will guide you through criminal proceedings, and develop the best defense strategy for your child. Whether we fight in court or take advantage of available alternatives to prosecution, we’re always looking out for your family’s best interests.

We will fight aggressively for the best possible outcome – whether that’s a dismissal of the case, or reduced charges and penalties. Our attorneys understand the juvenile and adult court systems, and realize how these cases impact the family. We counsel families about the importance of demonstrating a willingness to change behavior – whether that involves counseling, attending school, or being gainfully employed.  Our firm will do everything possible to ensure that mistakes made today don’t burden your child as an adult. We focus on long-term consequences while working toward the resolution of immediate problems.

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The San Diego Law Office Of Gregory Garrison is passionate about defending youth facing criminal allegations – whether they are being charged as juveniles or adults. Don’t take chances with your child’s future. Our trial attorneys have decades of combined experience in providing aggressive criminal defense representation in all juvenile matters. If your child is facing criminal charges, discover how our law firm can help by contacting us for a free, confidential case review.

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