What You Need To Know About Criminal Investigations

When a crime has been committed, law enforcement personnel collect evidence from the scene. This evidence typically includes:

  • Victim & Witness Interviews
  • Pictures
  • Videotaping
  • DNA & Fingerprints
  • Weapons
  • Physical Evidence
  • Measurements & Sketches Of The Crime Scene

Victim and witness interviews are crucial, since they provide law enforcement with valuable information about the suspects, often leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the crime.

In instances where there is insufficient evidence to prosecute, a detective will attempt to interview the suspect – hoping to obtain a confession or hear incriminating statements. Suspects frequently make the mistake of assuming that they can talk themselves out of a situation, or lie to throw the detective off track. What the suspect doesn’t realize is that the detective already knows all the answers to the questions he’s asking, and is merely testing the suspect’s credibility.

Are you the Subject of an Investigation?

If you’re the subject of an investigation, the most important way you can protect yourself is to refuse to answer questions. Neither a judge nor a jury can use your right to a lawyer – or your right to remain silent – as evidence against you.San Diego criminal defense lawyer gregory garrison

Anything a suspect says can and will be used against him, so it’s crucial to consult with an attorney prior to being interviewed by law enforcement. You have the right to refuse to answer any questions, other than those pertaining to preliminary identification.

Not only should you refuse to speak to law enforcement, you should avoid discussing your case with anyone but your attorney. Anything you say to anyone other than your lawyer can be used against you at trial.

If you tell a friend or family member what happened, the district attorney can subpoena them to trial, forcing them to testify about your conversation. However, anything you say to your lawyer is privileged and won’t be repeated.

Similarly, you should be aware of pretext phone calls. This occurs when the police meet with a victim or witness and have them call you on the phone. This person will confront you about the crime you’re being investigated for in an attempt to solicit an admission or confession, while the officer records the conversation. If you receive such a phone call, hang up and contact your attorney immediately.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you’re being investigated for a crime, you should contact an attorney immediately. Having the right criminal defense attorney at the beginning of an investigation can make all the difference.

Being investigated for a crime is an emotionally trying experience – which is why our attorneys always speak with our clients personally, answer their questions, and alleviate their concerns throughout the entire process.

The criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Gregory Garrison are experienced in the defense of suspects in a criminal investigation. Our legal team has helped numerous clients avoid jail and formal charges, including misdemeanors and felonies. If you’re a suspect or have been charged with a crime in San Diego County, contact the legal team at the Law Office of Gregory Garrison immediately for a free initial consultation.

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